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Stomping to .500!



With the win over Houston on Friday night the Minnesota Timberwolves are finally back to .500.  It’s the first time the Wolves have held a .500 record this late in a season since 2007, almost five years ago.  

Sitting at 12-12 the Wolves are finally a competitive team night in and night out thanks in large part to    new coach Rick Adelman and rookie sensation Ricky Rubio.  The Wolves are 9-5 in games started by Ricky, whose presence is just seen on the court, the pace of the game picks up, and Minnesota runs the floor with great athleticism.

Like the title suggests though, the ,500 record did not come without a high price.  Mid-way through the  third on Friday, Love stepped on Luis Scola’s face after knocking him on the ground while stripping the ball.  The two had been extremely physical all game, with few fouls called, things were slowly getting out of hand.  Although Love wasn’t called for a foul (the Rockets were T’d up right after for complaining), the play was reviewed by the league and Kevin Love has received a two game suspension.

Check out the play for yourself…was the “stomp” intentional?

Love who is not known as a dirty player apologized to Scola after the game.  He then took to the Wolves official website saying  “I feel like it was a learning experience, and it won’t happen again. There were no ill-intentions. I was trying to get him on a foul on the way up. I wasn’t trying to stomp him or anything like that. Just moving forward, and hopefully we win these next few games.”

Regardless, Love will be gone for the game Tuesday and Wednesday against Sacramento and Memphis, respectively. Prime time for Derrick Williams to step up and show why he was the second overall pick in this years draft.

More for you soon, so long wolves fans!